We prioritize long term partnerships that are aimed at the success of your business.
Third tap offers an up to oneyear guarantee for our equipment because we are confident in the quality of the products that we produce.
Our company works with full transparency and we never cut corners.
Regular discounts for returning customers and bonuses for those just signing up.
How to order

What we offer

We offer water vending machines (WVM) and supplement technologies for clean water
production and retail. We don’t just offer you the equipment - we offer a business. Water
vending machine chain is a simple yet reliable business model with low risks and a stable
revenue stream.

Our core principles are honesty and transparency: we don't cut corners and show every stage
of our business process to our clients. 3rd Tap has its own chain of clean water vending
machines all across Russia including St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Perm, Ufa, and stable
international partnerships in Kazakhstan and Belarus. We are here to share our knowledge
with you and create a long term, mutually beneficial business relationships.
1 step
Place the initial order by filling out the “order form” on the website or by sending us a message on WhatsApp, Telegram. You can also send us an email or call our office using WhatsApp or Telegram using the number provided on the website.
2 step
As a part of our manufacturing and delivery agreement you initially pay 50% of the full price so we can begin our work.
3 step
When your vending machines are ready, we send you the full report including photos and videos. We also offer you a live video call on WhatsApp at any time to review your products. If changes are necessary they are made after the showcase.When everything is finalized and you are satisfied with the product - the rest of the price is paid and we can start shipping.
4 step
Within 3 days of receiving the final payment we start the shipping process by delivering the equipment to the shipping company that will send it to you. Delivery time may vary depending on your region. You will also receive a 12 month guarantee.


Your Water Vending Machine Business

Low-risk business model with high return on investment


“Third Tap” offers a new ready-made business model for independent entrepreneurs and small to medium business owners in the form of (WVM) Water Vending Machines.

 The quality of regular tap water all across the world is incredibly low and can often be a real health hazard. People in most countries, even developed ones, have to regularly buy clean water which makes water vending an ideal solution and a great business. It also allows us to negate potential environmental problems by reusing customers’ plastic bottles to prevent pollution. All of our vending machines have an ozone generator to eliminate all potential bacteria in the customers bottle and make sure there’s no health hazard at all. 

Advantages of the Water Vending Machine business:
  • They can be placed at any location, including those that already have a lot of pedestrian traffic. Ideal places are offices, apartment buildings, dorms, business centres and malls.
  • They are easily accessible 24/7 and are always within the walking distance for your potential customer.
  • Price per liter of vended water is much lower than the price per liter of bottled water at your local convenience store
  • Water Vending Machines have a very good Return On Investment up to 90% in your first year.
  • Demand for accessible clean water is always growing and there’s no sign that this growth will slow down in the coming years.

The Clean Water Vending business is still very young and the market still isn’t saturated. Far not every country in the world can boast a developed chain of WVMs and water kiosks that would reliably serve the population as a source of affordable drinking water. WVMs successfully work in more than 36 countries like: USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Belarus and many others. The crucial factor in the success of the vending business is the right location for your machines, after that all you need to do is to install the machine and create an effective marketing campaign to attract customers. Another key factor is the timely service of your machines. Our managers are ready to consult you in regards to all the crucial elements of your vending business listed above and will ensure your business has a smooth start from the ground up.


We will offer your:
  • Our experience with the technical, organizational and marketing side of launching the vending machine business.
  • Vending Machines made in house with our technology, that can be adapted to your needs. We produce: multistage water filtration systems for Water Vending Machines, vending terminals, automated water kiosks with in-built filtration systems.
  • New industrial solutions for Water Vending Machines production

company third tap

About the company

Third Tap has been producing Water Vending Machines and water purification systems since 2012. The “Third tap company group” consistsof 2 organizations, service company “Third Tap tap LLC” and the trade-manufacturing company “ Third Tap tap trade LLC”. Our distributorsalso work in Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Our main manufacturing facility is located in the industrial part of Perm. This is where we make the Vending machine from scratch, startingfrom the sheet of stainless steel and finishing with full assembly of pumps, membranes and electronic equipment. We also have a shippingfacility in the very centre of Perm making it a convenient location to deliver our product worldwide.

Our company has its own chain of Water Vending Machines with more than 150 units all across Russia. We guarantee the quality of theequipment we produce because we have tried and tested it ourselves.

years of experience in the
of our Vending
Machines placed around the
offices is Russia,
Kazakhstan and Belarus
cities with our Vending
Machines around them

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